Samsung PNE6500 series

The Samsung E6500 series offers beautiful styling, outstanding picture quality, and a great price. It has many features for the consumer to choose from, including many you will probably end up using regularly. The picture quality is the best you will get for this price. This television is definitely one that should be considered if you are in the market for a new  TV.


The Samsung E6500 plasma TV offers terrific value for its price. The color accuracy is great; producing some of the best black levels of any television set on the market today. It also comes fully loaded with many great apps and has an easy to use Smart TV interface.


The Samsung overall performs very well, but there are a few issues you should be aware of before considering this TV. The contrast level is not very good because this TV does not get very bright as other models. It also does not have very good 3D capabilities so if you tend to watch a lot of 3D programming other models should be considered such as Sony or Sharp.  The lower picture settings produce picture noise as well, but this can be avoided by setting your TV in a different mode.


The Samsung plasma has an inch-thick bezel around the screen, unlike many LEDs which have gone the skinnier bezel route. The design is understated, but stylish, allowing one to focus on the picture. The remote is fairly standard with a Smart Hub button in the center. It is fairly functional and allows navigate their set with ease. It comes with 2 pairs of  active 3D glasses, but can be used with other 3D glasses as well.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of this television surpasses many its class and even some more expensive models. There are three adjustable modes including Vivid, Standard, and Movie. There are a few advanced settings available, including a 10-point grayscale and a color-management system. The CinemaSmooth feature takes care of the 1080p/24 content, but there is not a 100Hz antijudder circuit. The Samsung PN60E6500′s picture quality is superb. The black levels are inky and show plenty of shadow detailing. Color saturation and accuracy are excellent creating great contrast. This television has the best all-around picture quality you can buy at this price making it a great choice for your next television. The video processing was very strong, especially when using the Cinema Smooth mode. This television handles well in bright rooms with minimal glare, but is not so fortunate when it comes to it 3D capabilities. There was a lot of crosstalk when watching 3D films which makes this TV not the ideal candidate for 3D viewing.


The PH60E6500 comes packed with many features that will please consumers. It has Samsung’s Smart Hub which includes many of Samsung’s own apps like Family Story and Fitness. The interface is a bit cluttered, but is still simple to navigate. Samsung also has a web browser, but it is a nightmare to navigate with the standard remote control. If you do intend on using this web browser feature frequently, you can purchase the optional Bluetooth keyboard for approximately $100. This model does not have Smart Interaction like the E8000. This mean that you will not be able to talk to your TV, but that is one of the only noticeable differences. It comes with two pairs of active 3D glasses, but it can work with other companies’ compatible glasses if you need to purchase more.


The Samsung PN60E6500 TV is an all-around winner, especially for its remarkably low price. It is a good option if you are looking for great picture quality complete with silky blacks and vibrant colors. It is beautifully crafted making it suitable for wall mounting or sitting on a stand. It also comes fully loaded with many cool apps and features that provide a complete viewing experience. The only real drawback of this television is its poor performance when watching 3D video. Overall if you do not watch a lot of 3D programming, be sure to check this affordable quality model from Samsung.

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Tune up your PC for better performance!
Tune up your PC for better performance!
Quick Specifications
Nominal Size (in.)51/60
Network ConnectivityWi-Fi (Built In)
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