LG 55LM9600

The LG 55LM9600 is a good-looking, expensive TV that unfortunately does not deliver the best performance. It will look very nice in your living room, but that is its biggest selling point. If you are going to be watching your TV more than looking at it as a wall fixture, this is not a great model to choose. The picture quality is lacking because of inaccurate colors and washed-out blacks. This TV comes packed with a full feature set including 3D and internet video services.


The LG LM9600 series TV is beautfifully designed. It has an extremely slim bezel and comes with a striking stand which complements the TV rather than detracting from its style. It features a Magic Motion controller, which is the best Smart TV navigation system out there in current TV models. The passive 3D is one of this TV’s strongest features and produces a very minimal amount of crosstalk.


The LG 55LM9600 is too expensive. It does not perform as well as it should, and actually seems worse than LG’s first flagship model. The color accuracy requires tweaking, the blacks are splotchy, and the overall picture is disappointing. If you are looking for a higher-end LCD TV you need to keep looking because there are many other models that out-perform this model.


One of the best things about the LG 55LM9600 is its expert styling. The original ribbon stand is very unique and classy. The ultra-thin bezel used on this model from LG makes it perfect for being mounted on one’s wall as well. The border of this TV is also very thin at just 5 millimeters, making the screen the only focal point. It also has an updated version of the Magic Motion remote which includes a dedicated 3D control and a scroll wheel. Make note that the scroll wheel only works on some webpages, but not on onscreen menus or Netflix.

Picture Quality

The LG 55LM9600 comes with a variety of picture settings including THX modes for bright rooms, 3D, and cinema. It also has two expert ISF models, but they are not extremely accurate. ISF allows for adjustment with a 1 and 20 point grayscale, gamma controls, local dimming and a color management system. It comes with 4 HDMI ports, RGB, AV, antenna, one component with adapter and an optical digital. There are also three USB ports for plugging in extras and USB drives.

The picture is not nearly up to the standard that other models have set, with this model from LG under-performing to say the least. The black levels are very light and the backlight bleed was very visible. The ability to produce deep blacks is very important for the overall picture and the model unfortunately does not produce. The black levels are weak and light, especially when looking at the price tag of this TV. The shadow detail is also lacking, making the picture appear lifeless and one-dimensional. The default color was off, and you will have to try out various picture settings to get it to meet your preferences. The THX mode is not adjustable, so it is left producing an overly red-balanced picture. This red-skewed color has to be corrected using the ISF mode controls. The video processing is great, thanks to a dual-core processor. It can properly interpret a 24p signal and is very clear. The color uniformity has some problems, the most obvious being discolored blooms from the backlighting. Under bright lighting it does not give a great amount of glare, which is a great improvement for many glossy LG television sets. The 3D capabilities are one of the saving graces for this TV, with minimal crosstalk and interlacing artifacts.


LG has made a lot of changes to its LM9600 series, but not all of them are necessarily better. It is so expensive because it has full-array LED backlighting and local dimming. This dimming is set to boost contrast by controlling the light output of numerous areas across the TV’s screen and a full array of LEDS working behind the scenes. It has a refresh rate of 480Hz from a 2400Hz panel combined with the scanning backlight. This model includes the dejudder process which results in smoother picture. LG’s passive 3D system means you get 6 pairs of 3D glasses, more than its active competitors. If you need more 3D glasses you can use cheap polarized glasses, making watching in 3D more affordable. It also has a dual-core processor for Smart TV functionality that goes off without a hitch. The new Smart Interface is fairly cluttered and cannot be overly customized to by the user, making it not as favorable as other Smart TVs. This Smart TV comes with the most popular media apps including Nextflix, but misses out on features like Pandora for audio. To purchase more apps, the user is required to make an account at LG Smart World. You can use voice-activated search, but it is fairly unintuitive and most will find it easier to use Magic Motion keyboard instead. Gamers can use Dual Play mode, which allows you to convert split-screen games into two separate fullscreen images which are displayed simultaneously, allowing users to differentiate between using 3D glasses.


The LG 55LM9600 is not worth your time or money. If you are looking to drop some serious cash on your next TV and want it to be worth it, skip this model by LG. There are many other TVs out there that will give you better picture that includes more inky blacks and better color accuracy. This TV is way too expensive for its picture quality and many of its features fall flat. On the bright side, this TV would be an excellent choice if you watch a lot of 3D films with family or friends as it produces almost zero crosstalk and comes with 6 pairs of 3d glasses.

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Quick Specifications
Nominal Size (in.)55
Network ConnectivityWi-Fi (Built In)
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