TomTom GO Live 1535M

The TomTom GO Live 1535M performs well and has cool app integration for searching your destination. It provides great directions and is very good for more experienced GPS users, as there are so many features to play around with. If you travel to unknown areas or like to set out for day trips this GPS has many features that can make your travel adventure fun and safe.


The TomTom GO Live 1535M has many different apps for searching locations including ones from Trip Advisor, Expedia, Google, and Yelp. These apps help to make getting to your destination easy and fast. There is also Twitter integration which allows the user to update people on the status of their destination. It also provides live HD traffic updates, gas prices and weather forecasts. This unit has seamlessly integrated these features, allowing for great connectivity.


Although, more often than not, searching was easy, sometimes the GPS seemed a bit unintuitive and frustrating. The connected services take some time getting used to, so playing with them before setting out on a long trip is a good idea.


The TomTom GO Live 1535M is sleek and attractive, and measures in at 5.3 inches x 3.7 inches. It is a little thicker than other models we have seen at 1.4 inches deep. The screen is large at 5 inches and produces bright maps on the 480 x 720 pixel screen. It has approximately 2 hours of continuous battery life and comes with a 4 GB internal flash memory to store your favorite locations. It also comes with Bluetooth, allowing it to act as your hands-free device. In the box you will find a Micro USB cable, integrated fold and go mount, a USB car charger, user manual, and an adhesive disc for dash or windshield mounting.


The TomTom GO Live 1535M is the first GPS to offer connected apps. These apps help to give a larger database of points-of-interest through the Live services which include Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google local search options. When searching the destination to where you would like to go, there is also a rating feature which can help you to decipher where to go and where to skip. There is also Twitter integration which can help notify others what your estimated time of arrival is. The HD Traffic service gives complete traffic coverage and data helping you plan the best route you can. It also helps you figure out where is the least expensive place to purchase gas on your trip which can help your wallet stay happy. If there is a road that is monitored by a speed or red light camera you will be notified by a chime allowing you to slow down with ease. The TomTom GO Live 1535M delivered great performace and accurate search results. You can also search your destination using voice commands to set your address. This was quite helpful as you can ask it to minimize traffic delays which will set you on the best road to avoid busy streets.


The TomTom GO Live is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fully connective device loaded with apps to get you safely and quickly to your point of interest. These travel-based apps come loaded on the GPS and cannot be taken off. You also cannot download new apps, but, all in all, the apps chosen are great, especially for traveling in unknown areas. The apps are a great feature and will help TomTom gain new followers who are in the market for a GPS, but keep in mind that they are not the most streamlined, and the user will need some time to get used to navigating them. This is a good GPS if you are willing to pay for the apps, otherwise there are many less-expensive models that can meet your travelling needs.

Tune up your PC for better performance!
Tune up your PC for better performance!
Tune up your PC for better performance!
Quick Specifications
Screen5" (480 x 272)
Preloaded MapsUSA, Canada, Mexico
Audible GuidanceStreet Name Announcement
Navigation Instruction
Internal Memory4 GB
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