Navigon 7200T

The Navigon 7200T is a great portable GPS that comes loaded with many advanced navigation features. This GPS offers attractive design with many features that will keep you on track. The directions are very accurate and can be programmed using a voice search command. It also has 3D landmark rendering, integrated Bluetooth and text-to-speech functionality. The performance keeps improving in the Navigon series and this model continues that trend offering up lots of features at a more affordable price than Garmin.


There are many desirable features found in the Navigon 7200T including text-to-speech functionality and integrated Bluetooth. You can also search your address using your voice, leaving your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. There are also cool graphics with the 3D icons of major landmarks.


The 7200T’s voice command system is fairly limited to and will require you to over pronounce your words to recognize them. The voice command feature can also only be used for entering addresses and requires some training on behalf of the user. The user interface may be a bit complicated as well, especially when comparing it to the easy to use Garmin or even TomTom.


The Navigon 7200T features a modified design with a black matte casing instead of the lacquered finish previous models had. It is also a great compact size at 4.6 inches wide x 3.2 inches tall. It is also fairly slim at 0.7 inch deep making it great for mounting on dashboards or windshields. It also weighs 6.5 ounces so it is easy to travel with. The screen  has changed to being completely flat, making it far more streamlined. The screen is 4.3 inches and very easy to read. The touch screen is very responsive and the onscreen keyboard is very easy to use and is very accurate. My only complaint is that it is not a QWERTY keyboard, but an ABC formatted one. The Navigon interface is a little complicated to use as there are a few extra steps involved that seem unnecessary. There is a physical power button on the top of the GPS, a mini USB port, a microSD expansion slot, and a 3.5 headphone jack. There is also an external antenna jack on the back. It comes with a car charger and a vehicle mount for either windshield or dashboard. Just make sure you are positive where you want to place the mount, because removing it can be fairy difficult.


The Navigon 7200T includes maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The best new feature is the voice command system to enter your addresses for search. You have to make sure that you speak clearly in order for the results to be accurate. The more practice I had with the voice command feature, the better my results were. Once this feature is more fine-tuned I hope that voice command will be able to be used on other functions.  There are three different ways that the Navigon 7200T calculates routes including fast, optimum and short. You can also calculate your route to avoid highways and toll roads. It also comes with a lifetime of free real-time traffic updates, so that you can be aware of the traffic before calculating the best route for getting to your destination.

This GPS supports multi-destination so that you can add various stops on the way. The point of interest database includes gas stations, lodging and ATMs. You can also search point of interest locations by Zagat Survey ratings and reviews, which will provide you with the best places to go based on rankings. Maps can be viewed in 2D or 3D mode, which provides you with 3D landmark views. A very helpful feature is the lane assistant, which will tell you the best lane to be in, as well as when to get over if you have to turn. The Navigon also has integrated Bluetooth so you can pair it with a Bluetooth enabled cellphone and then use the GPS as the hands free speaker system. Once they are synced you can make calls directly from the system’s on-screen dial pad, and it can wirelessly transfer your address book.


In conclusion, the Navigon 7200T is a high-end GPS with many features at a reasonable cost. It performs very well and has great features such as Bluetooth, allowing the GPS to sync with your phone making calling easy and helpful. It also comes with a very secure mount, just make sure you are positive about where you want to place it as it can be difficult to remove. The maps are clear and easy to read, and by utilizing the lifetime traffic feature you can easily calculate the best route to get you to your destination quickly and safely. This GPS comes with many worthwhile features making it a great investment for your travel needs.

Tune up your PC for better performance!
Tune up your PC for better performance!
Tune up your PC for better performance!
Quick Specifications
Preloaded MapsUSA, Canada
Audible GuidanceStreet Name Announcement
Navigation Instruction
Internal Memory2 GB
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