BlackBerry Bold 9900

Blackberry bold 9900The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 will definitely have BlackBerry enthusiasts giving it the once over, but its high price point may have some people considering the switch from their beloved BlackBerry. There are very few changes from the BlackBerry Bold 9300. It has the same features and design that have made BlackBerry the go-to phone for many business people the world over. This phone delivers when it comes to performance, but it is no longer the leader of the pack when it comes to smartphones.


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 has the favored QWERTY keyboard that many people prefer over touchscreen keyboards. It also has great design and a touch screen display. Its photo quality rivals many of its competitors, producing astonishingly crisp pictures. It also has 1.2GHz processor, HD video, and the new BlackBerry OS 7.


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 remains very expensive in comparison to many new smartphone models that share similar features. When discussing smartphones, many features are overlooked because they are basic, but when it comes to choosing a phone call quality is something that should not be missed. Unfortunately the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has some issues with the quality of calls, which can break up or become fuzzy fairly easily.


This smartphone looks very similar to the BlackBerry Bold 9930. It has the same high quality plastic and stainless steel curves that result in a very sleek smartphone. It is just as wide as the original BlackBerry Bold which results in larger display and a more spaced out keyboard. It measures 4.53 inches long by 2.6 inches wide and is 0.41 inch thick.  The screen is 2.8 inches and delivers bright and vivid colors. It also has a touch-screen which gives the user greater control and definitely adds the cool factor.


The 5-megapixel camera produces good photo quality. The pictures are sharp and the colors are vibrant. Yet there were some issues when taking indoor photos, as they seemed pretty dim, but there are modes that can help to alleviate this issue. Outdoor photos were terrific and captured a great amount of detail. Video can be captured in 720p HD video, but you must make sure that you have a steady hand, as there are no corrective features. There are plenty of settings to choose from including geotagging, various scene modes, and a self-timer.


The BlackBerry Bold’s screen is 2.8 inches and is very bright for its size. The resolution is 640 x 480 pixels which is a lot for the size of the screen. This small screen packs a lot of power when it comes to resolution, with zero pixellation. The screen is great for sending emails, texting, and browsing the web, but may seem a bit small when it comes to watching video. It’s OS 7 has new Liquid Graphics technology that deliver improved graphics and animations. This BlackBerry model also has a touch-screen display which is a nice added feature. The only downside is that the screen is still smaller than you would find with most smartphones, so navigating on the touch-screen has to be very precise.

Operationg System

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 uses a 1.2GHz processor which has improved speed considerably. It uses RIM’s unique BlackBerry OS 7. The data speeds were fast, but there are other smartphone handsets that can deliver faster speeds. These speeds can become an issue when buffering video or loading webpages. Although the wait time is not that long, it still can make a difference when you are trying to get or load information quickly. The OS 7 Liquid Graphics help to improve the responsiveness of the touch screen for a greater feeling of control for the user.


There are many features worth noting on the BlackBerry Bold 9900. One already discussed is the new operating system which makes a lot of difference when it comes to using the phone. The touch screen responsiveness due to the Liquid Graphics is great. The web is quicker due to HTML 5 support. Video is available is 720p HD which delivers beautiful vibrancy. There is also voice activated search and NFC support. Many of the features are the same as the BlackBerry Bold 9930, including the preloaded apps. The larger QWERTY keyboard remains a go-to feature that many business professionals look for in their smartphone.


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a great handset. BlackBerry OS 7 gives it the responsiveness that many smartphone users look for. The QWERTY keyboard remains a feature that can give RIM a leg-up on the competition, as many people are more comfortable using a physical keyboard than a touch screen for emailing and texting. It is sleek and lightweight, making it the perfect device to wear on your belt loop. The main downfall about the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the steep price. There are many Android phones that are selling for much less that have many similar features. There are not enough changes from the Bold 9930, which can make it difficult to justify upgrading as  many people will prefer to wait to see what the next model has in store.

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Quick Specifications
Mobile BroadbandGPRS, EDGE, HSDPA
Screen TypeLED Backlit
Operating SystemBlackberry OS 7.0
WifiIEEE 802.11b/g/n
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